Research Clusters

The research clusters listed below represent the current key IEAI research areas. Individual projects are listed within these clusters.

AI and the Future of Work

How will AI be used in workplaces of the future and impact the future of work? And what will be the ethical, social, political and economic impacts?

AI for Mobility

How will AI change the way we think about mobility? What are the ethical challenges? Is it possible to integrate ethical behavior into autonomous vehicles?

AI and Learning

How does the use of AI impact learning? And what are the ethical and legal risks to employing AI in educational settings?

AI in Medicine and Health Care

How can we use AI to improve patient care and promote public health while securing personal data and human rights? What ethical and performance challenges or risks may result from the use of AI in health care related tasks?

AI and Behavior

How can we use AI to understand and predict potentially harmful online trends? What is the role of AI in the shaping of online (and offline) social behavior? How can we manage this role in an ethical way?

AI, Governance and Regulation

How can we effectively govern the development and use AI to promote innovative, fair and trustworthy systems? What values and ethical considerations should potential regulation incorporate?