NLawP: Natural Language Processing and Legal Tech

AI language technologies have a hugely disruptive potential that could provide possibilities for advances in areas that these technologies have not yet permeated. The legal sector is an excellent example in this regard. Recent advances such as new transformers like BERT and GPT3 offer ample prospects for innovation. However, neither the requirements for adoption nor the ethical, legal and social implications are sufficiently explored. The project NLawP evaluates how AI technologies can disruptively impact the legal sector. It will map current developments in research and the legal tech market, inquire into how data governance can enable a responsible and efficient adoption, and bring stakeholders together to produce new ideas and innovations. This project will map state-of-the-art applications and current information about their implications concerning responsible AI. A multi-perspective methodology will allow research into this emerging field of AI with a view to innovation, adoption, responsible uses, and infrastructures. The project will also look into the following steps concerning a sustainable data infrastructure for the legal sector and potential stakeholders’ innovations and imaginaries.

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Principal Investigators


Prof. Dr. Christian Djeffal, TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology, Professorship for Law, Sciences and Technology

Prof. Dr. Florian Matthes, Department of Informatics, Chair Software Engineering for Business Information Systems


  • David Rebhol, Doctoral student at the Professorship for Law, Sciences and Technology, TUM
  • Juraj Vladika, Doctoral student at the Chair Software Engineering for Business Information Systems, TUM