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Global AI Ethics Consortium

AI has an immense power to accelerate innovation, but also entrench bias and inequality. Due to this, a systematic and scientific approach to studying practical ethical issues linked with AI and its diverse modern-day applications becomes crucial, particularly in cases that are complex and involve competing values and interests.

Independent academic research plays a fundamental role in designing and implementing frameworks and guidelines for the development and use of AI-based technologies. Academic expertise, drawn from across disciplines and geographies, is critical in helping guide governments, companies, NGOs and other actors navigate current uncertainty and arrive at sound and justifiable responses.

Consequently, in April 2020, eleven experts from universities and research institutes agreed to form a Global AI Ethics Consortium (GAIEC). The GAIEC’s goal to coordinate and promote independent academic research focused on designing and implementing frameworks and guidelines for the ethical development and use of AI-based technologies. The consortium has since grown to include over 34 members from six contenents and continues to expand in terms of members and activities.

Read GAIEC’s Statement of Purpose.

See GAIC Repository.

Global AI Ethics Consortium

The GAIEC spans around the globe

Online AI Ethics Course

This course is designed to raise awareness of the societal impacts of technology and to give individuals and institutions the tools to pursue responsible AI use. Intended for current and future data scientists, policymakers, and business leaders, this course contains over 60 modules on topics related to artificial intelligence. Each module consists of a video lecture accompanied by additional resources such as podcasts, videos, and readings.

Join us as we seek to create a more nuanced understanding of the role that AI can—and should—play in society.

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