Q&A with the Researchers: Behind the Scenes

What makes IEAI’s research approach distinct is the interdisciplinary research teams. Researchers from technical disciplines work together with researchers from the humanities, social sciences or law. This research approach enables us to truly and comprehensively address a growing group of ethical challenges arising at the interface of technology and human values.

But why is this interdisciplinary approach so important when it comes to AI Ethics? What are the challenges in working in interdisciplinary teams? Our “Q&A with the Researchers: Behind the scenes” series gives an opportunity to our highly-skilled doctoral and post-doctoral researchers to share their views on these topics, share the outcomes of their research and explain how their projects could answer specific questions aimed at solving practical problems.

ANDRE – AutoNomous DRiving Ethics – Franziska Poszler & Maximilian Geißlinger

A Human Preference Aware Optimization System – Charlotte Haid & Charlotte Unruh

Personalized AI-Based Interventions Against Online Norm Violations: Behavioral Effects And Ethical Implications – Tina Kuo & Niklas Cypris