Psychology Impact Assessment for Interactional Systems: Defining the Evaluation Scope (PSAIS)

This research addresses the need for frameworks to systematically assess interactional systems’ diverse psychological impacts. By adopting a participatory approach and considering cultural values, the project seeks to develop a multi-cultural mapping framework for evaluating the psychological impact of interactional systems. The research will involve workshops and consultations with stakeholders from various sectors and regions to define evaluation criteria. The project will contribute to developing concrete recommendations for action by providing a culturally-informed framework that can guide the responsible development and application of technologies such as AI. The project’s impact extends to academic disciplines, partner institutions, societal stakeholder groups, and policy actors. It will foster interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, stimulate discussions on standardisation, and contribute to reducing potential inequities arising from technology adoption. The project aims to be a change agent by actively contributing to implementing the recommendations and ensuring user well-being and trust in interactional systems.


The project team gratefully acknowledge the financial support the Friedrich-Schiedel-Fellowship Program at the TUM Think Tank and the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology.

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