Free online course “AI Ethics: Global Perspectives”

The AI Ethics: Global Perspectives course brings together leading experts in the field of AI from around the world to consider the ethical ramifications of AI and rectify initiatives that might be harmful to particular people and groups in society. The AI Ethics: Global Perspectives is designed to raise awareness and help institutions work toward more responsible use of AI. Intended for policymakers, students—and anyone interested.

“The course will allow experts to jointly develop a global understanding of AI.” Stefaan Verhulst

“This online course is GAIEC’s attempt to approach and apply AI ethics effectively in practice.” Christoph Lütge

“The goal of this course is to create a nuanced understanding of the role of technology in society so that we, the people, have tools to make AI work for the benefit of society.” Julia Stoyanovich

This course is a joint project of the Institute of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence, the Global AI Ethics Consortium, the Governance Lab NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and the Center for Responsible AI (NYU).

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