From the 19th till the 21st of April, IEAI researcher and Ph.D. student Franziska Poszler attended the “2023 Forum on Philosophy, Engineering & Technology” conference at TU Delft in the Netherlands, which focused on value change in technology and engineering. This event hosted Various workshops that discussed the evolution of values like responsibility, sustainability, and safety through emerging technologies and how value changes can be anticipated and managed.
During the conference, Franziska presented two research works; The first was a poster exhibition on a qualitative study on computation ethics in which ethical principles are translated into computer code to develop ethically grounded algorithms. The second presentation focused on a working paper on “AI-enabled decision-support systems: A catalyst or curse for human’s ethical decision-making?” the main takeaways are identified sources, mechanisms, and corresponding design features as well as outcomes for the users’ decision-making process that arise from human interaction with AI-enabled decision-support systems.

Program 2023 Forum on Philosophy, Engineering & Technology