The IEAI is happy to annouce three affiliated researchers were selected to recieve the Friedrich-Schiedel-Fellowship! Using a creative approach to conducting, educating, and communicating AI ethics research through the lens of the arts (i.e., research-based theater), Franziska Poszler will look at the impact of AI systems on human ethical decision-making. Auxane Boch’s research will address the need for frameworks to systematically assess interactional systems’ diverse psychological impacts and develop a multi-cultural mapping framework for evaluating the psychological impact of interactional systems. As part of the IEAI’s AI for Extractive Industries project, Mennatullah Hendawy will look at how generative AI can support in resolving multi-stakeholder conflicts in sustainable critical metals and minerals development.

The Friedrich Schiedel Fellowship for Technology in Society by the TUM Think Tank aims to address societal challenges by cultivating methodologies to advance the public good. Core objectives of the program are to empower innovators, encourage collaboration and create public interest technology. Fellows of the program receive funding, collaboration opportunities from a cross-disciplinary community of fellows from across TUM and access to a global network of partners.

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