On May 16th, 2024, we had the privilege of hosting a live discussion on the topic of ‘Accountability as Value and Principle in Artificial Intelligence’. Our guest speaker, José-Antonio Santos, Professor of Legal Philosophy at the Rey Juan Carlos University, delivered a talk on AI ethics and law.

Prof. Santos presented valuable insights on accountability and why it is a key issue for the responsible use of AI. He elaborated further with his thesis that accountability is halfway between ethics and law. Then shifting the focus to law, Prof. Santos compared its perception as a limitation and AI’s perception as an opportunity. According to Prof. Santos, law has other functions beyond imposing limits though. Law, for example, is imperitive to the avoidance of inequality and descrimination.

Prof. Santos concluded his presentation reminding participants of the continuous need for an ethical and legal architecture of the accountability of AI.

We thank Prof. Santos for his thoughtful presentation on AI ethics and law as well as his contribution to our Q&A Series: Reflections on AI.

The recording of Prof. Santo’s Q&A can be found here.