Research Associate and Ph.D. student Franziska Poszler presented her working paper (co-authored by Professor Lütge), “A framework to structure arranged vs. technology-inherent (im)perfections for ex-ante & ad hoc governance of (im)maturity,” at the EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) colloquium at WU Vienna from July 7th-9th 2022. As individuals submit ever more decision-making processes to automation, this working paper aims to sketch corresponding implications for humans’ independence and their ability to make autonomous decisions. In doing so, potentially influential technological features are craved out as well as preliminary governance strategies are suggested to develop technologies that promote humans’ maturity.

The 38th EGOS Colloquium’s general theme, “Organizing: The Beauty of Imperfection,” challenged the idealized images of perfection and how “imperfections give space to opportunity, unrealized potential, and even the exceptional.” It fostered the conversation surrounding the imperfections in organizations and collaborations that traverse geographic, political, and disciplinary borders.

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