The PI Pr.Dr.Pfeffer is one of the organizers of this year’s Sunbelt Conference, which is an annual meeting of the International Network of Social Network Analysis (INSNA). The event took place virtually from the 13th to the 17th of July. The participants of the conference were social scientists with different research backgrounds.  Because of the informal character of the event, many participants presented their work in progress. This event was a great opportunity to share ideas about what other scientists are researching on, in the field of network analysis, which focuses on uncovering the patterning of people’s interactions on online platforms, which is very relevant to the research projects on AI and Online Behavior of the IEAI.

The researcher Wienke Strathern, joined the organizing team with Prof. Dr. Pfeffer as a local chair, and presented the ongoing work on measuring polarization in the Online Firestorms and Resentment Propagation on Social Media project. Moreover, she delivered a presentation on the topic: ” Polarization on Reddit? Understanding dynamics of user interactions in social media networks“.

Conference schedule:

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Meeting virtually; Image by Peggy and Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay