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The ISBEE Executive Committee and the Bilbao Organizing committee have been monitoring the unprecedented global developments and the implications of the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak. The decision has been taken to postpone the ISBEE World Congress in Bilbao for a year,  to July 2021. The tentative dates are July 14-16.
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Re-inventing Globalization: Community, Virtues and the Power of Purpose

The world is in a paradoxical state: aggregate global wealth is at an all-time high, unemployment in many advanced economies at rock-bottom levels, and yet, dissatisfaction with the outcomes of global capitalism is growing, especially within younger generations. Moreover, trust in business leaders and elites in most large economies is minimum, triggered by their self-serving behaviour and prominent business scandals. These facts put at risk both the legitimacy of economic actors and their social license to operate.

The reasons for distrust and dissatisfaction are manifold, for example, the growing inequality in income and access to resources; and the complacency of elites in politics and business. They are also blamed for inaction in addressing the grand challenges of our time: the ethical tragedy of global climate change; the quest for sustainable futures; poverty alleviation; construction of a more inclusive world. Instead, we observe a crisis in; global leadership and the rise of extremism around the world.

At the same time we witness the rise of the purpose economy; A global search for healthy, meaningful work and the ability to lead an active life; unprecedented opportunities (and challenges) through digital technologies and AI; and political activism by younger generations with the purpose of re-claiming their future.

Against this back drop we cordially invite you to submit proposals for the 7th ISBEE World Congress in Bilbao, Spain, to participate in the discourse on how we may re-invent globalization, the role of local communities, virtues and values, and the power of purpose.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Lütge will be a member of the Scientific Committee.