We proudly present to you our second IEAI Annual Report. We have many reasons to say that 2021 was a great year for our Institute. We further built upon the IEAI’s reputation this year as a trusted partner. We moved the discussion on AI Ethics from abstract theories to practice. Last but not least, we strengthened our role as a platform for bringing together diverse perspectives.

How do we develop the technology? How do we use technology? How do we regulate technology? The answers to these questions are not purely technical or technological, but rather, in a broad sense, ethical or governmental. This is what makes AI Ethics so important.

Christoph Lütge, Professor of Business Ethics at the Technical University of Munich and Director of the Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence.

Take a peek at some of our most significant accomplishments, find out more about our projects’ major findings as well as the impact of the IEAI’s essential interdisciplinary approach and focus on practical applications and check out the publications mentioned in this report in order to dig deeper into the high-quality and novel work being conducted by all of our affiliated professors and research associates.

With 17 research projects, in 7 research clusters, either currently running or recently completed since our founding, the depth and range of topics that we have been able to examine is inspirin.”

Caitlin Corrigan, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence.

Thank you all for an incredible 2021. We look forward to another successful year ahead.

Enjoy the read!