TUM IEAI Speaker Series

Munich has become a hub for all things related to AI and ethics. The International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2019, held in Munich this week, brought together some of the world’s foremost experts on Information Systems and AI.

The IEAI was fortunate enough to have two of these renowned experts give presentations for the new TUM IEAI Speaker Series on 13 and 18 December.

At our first Speaker Series session, Lionel P. Robert Jr., Associate Professor at the University of Michigan, talked about Designing Fair Artificial Intelligence for Managing Employees. He elaborated on why it is so difficult to design fair AI and how we have to think about various dimensions of “fairness” in this process. The presentation was followed by a lively and intriguing discussion, which touched on many core ethical questions.

On 18 December, we hosted Tae Wan Kim, Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He discussed ethical and economic implications of teaching AI to lie in his presentation When Is It Not Unethical For AI to Lie to Humans? His elaborations on how lying in human interactions can sometimes be ethical and even of economic importance, and the discussion of why the same considerations may not necessarily apply to AI, were enlightening.

We are looking forward to more illuminating presentations and exciting speakers  in 2020!