On the 15th of April, the postdoctoral researchers Dr. Catarina Fontes and Dr. Christelle Al Haddad, working on the TUM IEAI Project Ethics for the Smart City, had the chance to collect feedback from other researchers and experts on their methodology to design a public opinion survey as an inclusive public engagement tool. The survey aims to address the value of privacy and the meanings of personal data from a local perspective. Participants were also invited to draw desirable and undesirable scenarios for the implementation of AI-enabled systems in cities by considering related tradeoffs.
The IEAI team would like to thank Livia Schaeffer Nonose and Dr. Sophie Naue from the United Nations Innovation Technology Accelerator for Cities (UNITAC) Hamburg for helping moderate the insightful discussions and Dr. Giulia Mennillo for the opportunity to share our work at the Akademie für Politische Building.